Platform Features

The integrated platform for complete workspaces

Cloud Workspace® orchestrates key features and functionality in one easy-to-use platform

Security, control and compliance

Cloud Workspace® has rigid controls, granular user management and customized reporting and audit trails to achieve the strictest compliance levels in a cost-efficient manner. Compliance with PCI, HIPAA, GLB, SARBOX, FINRA, and other data protection standards is simplified by Cloud Workspace. With end-to-end encryption, simplified user and resource security management and design controls, the platform enables administrators to prevent corporate data from leaking to private devices. It also supports and provides client reporting, SPLA license reporting for Microsoft applications and license management for all applications on the platform.

Manage your cloud

Cloud Workspace runs on any public or private cloud infrastructure, and any hypervisor, speeding time-to-deployment by eliminating costly engineering work. The platform is highly scalable and resilient, with multi-tier fault tolerance and load balancing. It’s been architected from the bottom up to be deployed across multiple data centers and multiple IaaS vendors, yet still maintain a single control plane management interface.

Robust API and native multi-tenancy functionality

A powerful API set allows for ease of integration with our customers’ existing operations and business support tools, simplifying deployment of the Cloud Workspace platform while speeding time to deployment. The multi-tenancy functionality allows for granular delegation of the platform’s functionality to partners and customers while maintaining visibility and control over all deployments.

Intuitive interface with superior automation

Cloud Workspace was built from a user-first perspective. It provides a best-in-class, control plane to enable the rapid deployment, management and support of the software defined data center, Workspace, applications and data. With lower levels of technical resources required, Cloud Workspace significantly reduces an organization’s cost structure.

High-performance HTML5 client with support for mobile devices

Cloud Workspace is offered with a fully developed HTML 5 access portal to leverage modern browsers and extend workspaces and Apps to any device.

Ease of application integration

The Cloud Workspace platform team has currently certified over 1,000 different custom and off-the-shelf applications. It is architected to allow for simple and repeatable integration of additional applications.