IT Departments

Enhance Delivery with Workspace Automation

Cloud Workspace® provides enterprise IT Departments with a flexible platform to manage specific end-user environments across locations, departments, and roles. Creating, maintaining, and securing user workspaces with a variety of applications, operating systems versions, and permissions – sometimes over multiple locations and on a variety of physical desktop and laptop hardware – has been an ongoing challenge for IT departments. Cloud Workspace offers an alternative solution by providing a platform that allows IT managers to create workspaces tailored to end users’ needs. Cloud Workspace allows for the deployment and management of Workspaces on are created and customer owned cloud infrastructure or at public cloud providers such as Google Compute Engine or Microsoft Azure. Cloud Workspace provides IT Departments flexibility of deploying a complete workspace or the ability to provision individual applications.

Cloud Workspace manages the backend tasks to support workspaces in the cloud. Cloud Workspace provides centralized management for all tasks. as well as provide full usage and application licensing reporting to track resource consumption.

The Advantages of Cloud Workspace:

  • It manages the end user workspace in a cloud environment – adding and upgrading applications, applying security updates, setting access rights to shared resources – from a single management console
  • Multiple physical locations can be supported without the need to deploy staff to each location
  • Security and workspace management are implemented using time tested technology
  • Cloud Workspace manages delivery in several methods- full virtual desktop plus applications, individual application activation via Microsoft RemoteApp, and integration of desktop applications with SaaS applications to create hybrid workspaces.
  • Physical device management headaches are replaced with "access anywhere," secure workspaces, reducing support costs and increasing employee productivity